About The Scorefix Company

The Scorefix Company was founded by two Advocates & has been in operation since 2011. The Scorefix Company is the first Consumer faced credit data specialist introducing pre-qualifications to the Homeloan and Motor markets in South Africa. We give Consumers access to niche data relating to property, cars and finance to empower Credit User Consumers to make buying and selling decisions.

ScoreFix Credit-Legal Services

SCOREFIX is the first professional suite of Credit-Legal services created to protect your legal rights as a Credit User by improving your credit score,

removing blacklisting or protecting you from legal action taken by Creditors. Being experts at the National Credit Act means we can properly defend our Clients against the Credit Bureaus and Credit Providers. By rehabilitating blacklisted Clients with our expert legal credit services - Clients may now qualify for finance and get better terms of lending. Credit Users may also not be the victim of incorrect & unfair blacklistings which will stop you from getting finance. We fix the issues holding credit users back and stopping their dreams from coming true.
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Service Partners

The Scorefix Company has partnered with TransUnion, Experian, Compuscan and Xpert Decision Systems to provide more effective services to our Clients. Our Credit Reports utilize data from Xpert Decision Systems.

Professional Accreditations

We are registered Netcash Merchant for safe payment channels for our clients. We are the only business registered Credit Legal Rehabilitation Company with the Credit Foundation of SA.

The Scorefix Company is the founder of the Credit Rehabilitation. Our Contact Centre Operation has been audited by the National Credit Regulator.

The Scorefix Company Team

The Scorefix Company employs skilled lawyers, para-legals & professional consultants who specialize in credit-law. They undergo rigorous training and supervision to ensure that Customers receive the best possible service.

Customer Care

The Scorefix Company prides itself on having a low complaints ratio of under 0.05% of the 26000+ clients serviced monthly.

The Scorefix Company prides itself on having a low complaints ratio of under 0.05% of the 26000+ clients serviced monthly. We value our Clients feedback and respect their confidentiality & this is why you may notice that we do not respond to complaints on public pages to protect & keep secure any case work we do for our clients.
We have a detailed internal customer care policy to address any concerns a Client may have, with investigation & feedback.

Our Professional Skill

The Scorefix Company Services 26000+ clients monthly and makes sure that the SCOREFIX services provided meet the highest standards of success.



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