Did you know?

Credit Users should be monitoring their Credit Report and Credit Score monthly. You have a 1-in-2 chance of becoming blacklisted. When you take our a loan to buy a house or a car not only do you take on the risk of the building (contents insurance) or the car (accident insurance), you also take on the risk of using Credit that you may not be able to pay back & this will = blacklisting. If you want to buy a property you may be liable for Transfer Fees that can range from R15000 - R150 000, depending on the price of the property you buy. Even if you maintain a good credit score you can still be blacklisted through identity theft, as criminals target good credit profiles.

When do you Need It?

With half of all Credit Users being at risk of becoming blacklisted every Credit User needs to protect themselves from the expensive cost of fixing this in the future. You need it to pro-actively monitor your Credit Report monthly and track what Creditors are showing about you. You also need it if you want to Transfer a property onto your name, or vet a Tenant.

Why Choose the ScoreFix Company to Help you?

We are the first Company in South Africa to have created a service that helps Credit Users & protects them from the risks of Using Credit & empowers consumers with access to their Credit Information, with huge discounts off legal services, lawyers and transfer fees.

What we can do for you:

Get Unlimited access to telephonic advice about any issue on your Credit Report or score.

Get R50 000 worth of Credit-Legal Services Per Annum.

Get unlimited Access to your Lucid Credit Report - updated monthly.

Vet Your Tenant & make sure you get paid as a landlord.

Get UP to 50% OFF Transfer Fees if Buying a House.

Let Us compare the best Financial Services out there for you so you have more disposable income.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

R99 per month.

24 Month Contract.

Contained in the Terms.

Terms & Conditions Apply.


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