Did you know?

If you are under Debt Review, you will not be given any finance & your credit score drops to 0 for 30yrs unless you cancel it. You may also be disqualified from employment. Being under Debt Review costs you 5% of your overall Debt amount, in Debt Counsellor / PDA fees, monthly. A Creditor can still cancel you from Debt Review if payments are short or not received.The shortfall owing under debt review is still incurring interest charges.

When do you Need It?

If you are under Debt Review, or you need to obtain a clearance certificate. When you are looking for a new job and you need your Credit Report to be clear.

Why Choose the ScoreFix Company to Help you?

We have helped 1000s of South African’s to come out of Debt Review & get access to credit again.

What we can do for you:

We will assess your case to see if you qualify to come out of Debt Review. We can obtain a Clearance Certificate for you to cancel the process & remove the “Debt Review” blacklisting from all four Credit Bureaus to clear your credit report.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

R2500 - Merit

R3000 - Clearance

R8500 - Rescission

R1500 - Obtain Docs

How long does it take?

20 Working Days.

Merit Assessment: 14 Working Days.

Subject to the date all documents are received.

Terms & Conditions Apply.


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