Did you know?

Identity Theft is when a criminal uses your Identity to open accounts in your name, creating fraudulent blacklistings that stop you from qualifying for credit. Creditors can take legal action against you and repossess your assets for a fraudulent account they thing you money to. People with Good Scores are targets for Identity Theft

When do you Need It?

When a blacklisted account appears on your Credit Report and you never actually opened the account.

Why Choose the ScoreFix Company to Help you?

We have a 95% success rate at clearing fraudulent blacklistings from Credit Reports.

What we can do for you:

We can report the Fraudulent to the relevant authorities and clear your name, so that you can qualify for credit or prevent unfair legal action against you because of identity theft.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

R3000 Per Account.

How long does it take?

20 Working Days.

Subject to the date all documents are received.

Terms & Conditions Apply.


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