Did you know?

All Rescission Court Orders/ Rescission of Admin Orders/Rehabilitation from Sequestration / Cancellations from Debt Review are NOT automatically updated by the Credit Bureaux.Up to 70% of Info held by Bureaus can be incorrect.

When do you Need It?

If you want to qualify for finance you need to remove the Judgment off your name as this is a serious & permanent blacklisting that will stop you from getting credit. Also a Judgment means that the Creditor may repossess your assets or garnish your Salary to recover their money owed.

Why Choose the ScoreFix Company to Help you?

We have a 90% success rate - aim to win all cases. We are Credit-Law Specialists & work electronically - you don't have to attend court. You are not paying us an hourly rate, but a fixed fee for the service.

What we can do for you:

We can rescind the Judgment if the Debt is Paid UP OR if procedure was incorrect (i.e., if the Letter of Demand or Summons was served incorrectly). We can cancel the Judgment in any Court in SA. We will consult, peruse, draft all documents & serve them & set the matter down in court - once.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

R8500 MC Judgment (Also used to rescind Debt Counseling Court Orders).

R12000 HC Judgment.

R2500 - Assessment (if procedure was not followed).

How long does it take?

1-3 months.

Merit Assessment: 14 Working Days.

Subject to the date all documents are received, & subject to the Courts.

Terms & Conditions Apply.


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