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We give you an easy and convenient way to view and make payment of your traffic fines online. View any traffic fine infringements against you, in real time (immediately) and make immediate payment, through our secure and integrated payment platform.

We accesses fine information for fines issued against the CPA (Criminal Procedures Act) in most Municipalities, as well as fines issued against the AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) Act.

We have been appointed by the various Issuing Authorities/Municipalities, that we collect payments for, as a collection partner and fines are therefore marked as paid in real time (immediately) on the issuing authority’s contravention system.

Any notices that have been issued under the AARTO Act that have moved to an enforcement order status and are blocking your vehicle licence renewal will, when paid through our system immediately be cleared and the block lifted.


Get a 50% discount on any fine, when you pay online from our website, within 30 days of the fine being issued or 30 days of notice to you.

Why Must You Pay Your Fines?

Unpaid traffic fines, may result in you being imprisoned, when stopped at a roadblock.

You will also not be permitted to renew your driver’s and vehicle’s license, if you have outstanding/unpaid fines.

Not paying your traffic fines, means banks and lenders may view you as a bad payer. This may negatively impact credit applications like a home loan or vehicle finance.

Unpaid traffic fines may show-up when insures quote you on car insurance. Insurers may view you as a high risk and load your premium, if you have traffic fines for speeding, drunk & driving etc.


Please note that The Scorefix Company obtains data from a broad range of 3rd party sources and despite the application of proprietary data cleaning processes cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in this report. It is expressly recorded that information provided in this report is not intended to constitute legal, financial, accounting, tax, investment, consulting or other professional advice. All traffic fine/infrindgment information contained in this report is from the respective Issuing Authorities /Municipalities and AARTO. This is public domain information and accessible by any person.