Vehicle Valuation

Vehicle Valuation

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Vehicle Valuation

Whether you're buying or selling a car, a trusted vehicle valuation will help you know if you're buying or selling your car at the right price. We use live market information, combined with 20 years of historic data to give you an accurate valuation based on millions of cars. We provide you with an accurate vehicle valuation that you can trust

Our valuation methodology and system, is used by hundreds of vehicle dealerships around the country. The vehicle valuation we make available to you, will therefore be very similar with the valuation a dealership assigns. This protects you from getting ripped-off - by paying more for a vehicle than its worth or selling your vehicle for less than its worth.

Getting a Vehicle valuation is easy. Simply fill in some of your vehicle’s details, such as the VIN number, year and mileage. Alternatively, enter details such as make, model, variant etc. – and our state of the art valuation tool will do the rest.


Buying a car? The vehicle valuation report is designed to empower you to make informed decisions about the motor vehicle you are interested in by knowing whether the market value is in line with the asking price.

When buying a car, knowing what it’s really worth will help you negotiate a fair price. By paying the correct market price and not over paying, you will save tens of thousands over the finance period and enjoy a higher return when you sell.


Selling your car? The vehicle valuation report is designed to empower you to make better selling decisions by knowing more about your vehicle’s potential selling price and what’s happening in the market.

An accurately priced car in line with live market information will attract potential buyers and result in a much faster sale. You need to understand how to value and price your vehicle. Correct pricing, means your vehicle sells for the best price and in the quickest time. Don't let a dealership dictate what your vehicle is worth. Make an informed decision, when pricing you vehicle with our vehicle valuation report.

Our Vehicle Valuation Reports

Our vehicle reports are written in plain language – which makes them easy to read and understand. The layout is uncomplicated and contains visual elements that make interpretation straight forward. We crunch the big data and use scientific algorithms to extract amazing insights about the vehicle, but present it in a format that is simple to understand and most importantly, gives you the information to make informed decisions.


Please note that The Scorefix Company obtains data from a broad range of 3rd party sources and despite the application of proprietary data cleaning processes cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in this report. It is expressly recorded that information provided in this report is not intended to constitute legal, financial, accounting, tax, investment, consulting or other professional advice. All vehicle information, manufacturer specifications, warranties and vehicle values in the report is from the OEM’s official data. This is public domain information and accessible by any person.